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Rewarded For Excellent Project Work

Certificates in recognition of good efforts for project have been awarded to three of our Key Stage 3 Students.

Certificates in recognition of good efforts with project work have been awarded to three of our Key Stage 3 Students.
The students were presented with the Excellent Project Work Certificates at the end of last term by Vice Principal, Mrs Kirsty Farrar who was very impressed by the level of effort put into the assignments by the three individuals, Abiee Blackford, Mark Auty and Tyler Beardsley.
Teaching assistant at KSA, Miss Katie Trevor said: “The students were awarded the certificates recently after completing a project on the Titanic, which they loved. Mrs Farrar judged the work for us, and presented the students with certificates and prizes.”
Year 9 student, Abiee Blackford said: “I really enjoyed doing the project and finding out all about what happened to the ship. We found out about people that died including the captain and passengers. We debated about who was to blame for the disaster and where the remains of the Titanic are today. We also heard about the story of the woman who survived.”
The students are now working on another project looking at the attacks on the Twin Towers and Abiee said she was also finding this latest project very interesting to research.