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Student Picked For International Scout Event

A Sixth Former has been selected to represent Scouts in Northamptonshire at the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden next year.

Connor Mehew applied to attend the international event, which is held every four years, and had to take part in a selection day, where he was judged on his teamwork skills, how well he listened to instructions and his physical abilities.

He and 36 others were chosen from 120 candidates to join thousands of other Scouts from across the world for the huge celebration event next July.

He will start with a two-day visit to Denmark before travelling to the camp site outside the town of Kristianstad in the south of Sweden, where he will spend just over a week.

Then he will stay for a week with a host family in another European country - the details of which have yet to be finalised.

Connor, who is an Explorer Scout with the Glendon District, has to raise just over £2,000 to take part and he has been running clothing collections to raise the cash.

The group drops leaflets off with a date for collection and then returns to pick up the bags.

They are aiming to cover Northamptonshire at least twice before they go.

Connor has raised around £1,600 so far and with plans for a casino night in the coming weeks, he is well on his way to hitting the target.

The sixteen-year-old said: "The World Jamboree is a trip that not everyone gets to do because it's only every four years and you can only go once.

"It's a unique opportunity that you're unlikely to forget and it will change your life for the better.

"It's all about experiencing other people's cultures and bringing everyone together."