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The Search For More Heroes

Plans are under way for this year’s Heroes programme following the fantastic achievements of last year’s cohort.

Last year's scheme, which was set up to inspire students and encourage them to become peer mentors, ended on a high with the Heroes running a series of workshops for new Year 7 students during the summer holiday.

A group of Year 10 Heroes designed, organised and ran the three-day Harmony Camp and it was a huge success.

Each Hero was assigned a role, such as camp leader or health and safety.

They ran sessions in dance, art, cooking, sport and music for the younger children and even made them medals.

Katie Trevor, the Mentoring Co-ordinator who runs the programme, was overwhelmed with the Heroes' efforts to make Harmony Camp a success.

She said: "Every single one turned up each day.

"I was in floods of tears because they have come so far. Their own self-esteem has been raised and they got so much out of it.

"It was like they were one big family and lots of really good friendships were made."

Now the Heroes who have now moved into Year 10 will be involved in training the new Year 9 Heroes once they are recruited.

They are also looking to run two after-school clubs for the Primary Phase to help raise the younger children's aspirations.