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Head Boy And Girl Appointed

KSA’s second Head Girl and Head Boy have been appointed following a Sixth Form vote.

There were several applications for the positions and students had to write an application form and give a speech in assembly before their peers went to the polls.

Voted in were Alex Ewen and Colette Curley, both Year 12 students.

The pair will represent the Sixth Form on the school council, speak at open evenings and school events to promote the Academy, help with the interview process for teaching applicants and be involved with the monitoring of teaching and learning.

Colette said: "I think I have the three main qualities needed for the role - I'm a good listener, I'm quite confident and I have patience.

"The role of Head Girl sounds interesting and I'm looking forward to a new challenge."

Alex, who moved from Scotland when he was in Year 10, said: "I understand how difficult it can be for other years to speak to us so I try to get along with everyone.

"We want to help people get their ideas across and see those ideas get followed through.

"We want to make a change."

The Deputy Head Girl is Katie Robinson and Deputy Head Boy is Jason Underwood.