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Academic Reports

Your child’s report shows their predicted grade, which for years ten and above students is what his/her teacher predicts he/she will achieve in their final GCSEs or A levels, if they continue to make progress as they are. 

For younger children, predictions reflect where I child is expected to be by the end of the year.

The Progress rating tells you whether he/she is on track to achieve their Minimum Expected Grade (MEG).

  • Red – currently not on track to achieve the Minimum Expected Grade
  • Amber – currently on track to achieve the Minimum Expected Grade
  • Green – currently on track to exceed the Minimum Expected Grade.

The Minimum Expected Grade (MEG) is based on the average performance of students with a similar level or score in year 6 SATs, nationally.  The MEG is what a student would be expected to achieve, if they make good progress, based on their starting point.  A chart showing how students are expected to make progress towards their MEG is attached.

If a student’s progress is Red for a subject, it means they will have advice from their teacher about what they need to do to improve.

Minimum Expected Grades (MEGs) and Flightpaths

A student’s Minimum Expected Grade (MEG) is based on their scaled score at Key Stage 2.


  • Red - Below flightpath
  • Amber - On track for flightpath
  • Green - Above flightpath