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Admissions & Appeals

To apply for a place at Kettering Science Academy, please contact school admissions at Northamptonshire County Council. "How to apply for a school place" for further information please visit


The Brooke Weston Trust is proposing a variation to its September 2021 admissions policies for Brooke Weston Academy, Corby Business Academy, Corby Technical School, and Kettering Science Academy.
Usually these secondary schools use the Fair Banding assessment to decide their admissions and require children to complete a non-verbal reasoning test. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are unfortunately unable to hold this large assessment event and are proposing not to use Fair Banding as part of our admissions arrangements for the schools listed above.

The local authority will coordinate our admissions process for us as usual, but the priority for admission will be determined solely by the implementation of the oversubscription criteria set out within the relevant policies which can be found here.

If you would like to comment on this change, please do so through this link - before 5pm on 19th October 2020.
We hope you can understand our reasons for wanting to make this change and will support us in this decision.

If you have any questions, please email

A letter for parents and carers is downloadable below.


Operation of waiting lists

Subject to any provisions regarding waiting lists in the Northamptonshire County Council 's co-ordinated admission scheme, the Academy will operate a waiting list for each year group.

Where in any year Kettering Science Academy receives more applications for places than there are places available, a banded waiting list for that academic year of admission will operate until the end of the Autumn term. This will be maintained by the Academy Trust and it will be open to any parent to ask for his or her child's name to be placed on the waiting list, following an unsuccessful application.

All 'in year' applications should be made to Northamptonshire County Council who will then pass these names onto the Academy.

For children applying for a place in year, the Academy will either offer a 'wash-up' ability test or seek an alternative measure of performance (e.g. previous Head's assessment) to determine which band a child will be placed in.

Children's position on the waiting list will be determined solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria set out in the paragraph above.

Where places become vacant they will be allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria.

Arrangements for admitting students to other year groups, including to replace any students who have left Kettering Science Academy

Local authorities will co-ordinate admissions for in-year applications and for applications for year groups other than the normal point(s) of entry. This will not affect Academies' right to determine which applicants have priority for admission.

Subject to any provisions in the Northamptonshire County Council's co-ordinated admission arrangements relating to applications submitted for years other than the normal year of entry, the Academy Trust will consider all such applications and if the year group applied for has a place available, admit the child unless one of the permitted reliefs apply.

If more applications are received than there are places available, the oversubscription criteria shall apply. Parents whose application is turned down shall be entitled to appeal.

Admission Timeline - KSA 2020

Thursday 10th September 2020

Applications process opens.

Saturday 31st October 2020 @ 5pm

Deadline for Applications to Local Authority.


For further information on Year 7 admissions please click on this link.

Click here for Brooke Weston Trust Admissions Policy

Information for Parents regarding appeals:

If, once you have received notification from the Local Authority, your child has been unsuccessful in obtaining a place at Kettering Science Academy, you are entitled to appeal that decision. If you wish to appeal, please download the KSA Appeal Form  and send the completed form in to Mrs C Cliffe at the Academy address given on the form. If you are unable to access the document please contact Reception on 01536 532700 between 9am and 4pm and give your details  so that we can send the Appeals Form to you. Please note the deadline for appeals is the end of Monday 29th March 2021.

Please click below for full details of the appeals timeline for Kettering Science Academy.