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Future Learn Awards - These are awards based on interesting topics in different fields run by universities.

University Taster Days - Students can opt into a variety of taster day experiences from a range of universities.

National Citizen Service - NCS gives young people a unique opportunity to develop greater confidence, self-awareness and responsibility. It encourages personal and social development by working on skills like leadership, teamwork and communication. Young people will make friends with new people and face new challenges on residential weeks. They will work with businesses and local community organisations to design and deliver a 30 hour social action project on an issue they are passionate about.

Charity Events - Students can plan, organise and run charity events for the whole school e.g. Children in Need, Sport Relief and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Librarian - Students can train as librarians and assist in the school library, running special events.


Creative - First aid, film, music and drama clubs.

Sports - Sports clubs, sports leader’s award and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Mentoring - Peer mentoring throughout the Academy.

Individual Work Experience - All students will complete a week-long work experience placement in the summer term of Year 12. Students will be required to research and apply for their placement with support from their tutor.

Social Action - All students will go out on a Wednesday afternoon for a Month to volunteer in the community. Students will be given a placement that can enhance their skill set, base knowledge and build resilience to the world outside of school and after post16. 


These are made up of all Year 12 and 13 students. The aim of the committees is to allow students to take on a leadership role and have ownership of their own projects and activities. A wide range of committees exist including publicity, academic, charity, environment, sport, library, arts, business and social. Students are actively encouraged to lead and engage in these teams across the whole Academy.

Community Projects

Sixth Form students work with other year groups to plan and organise projects involving younger students and the community. The aim is to develop their social and citizenship skills while being role models for younger students at the Academy.

Students will complete a social action month when they volunteer for a good cause once a week to build knowledge, empathy and understanding whilst also maturing and developing in a work setting. 

Head Students

The Head students are elected by their peers annually. Their role is to represent the Sixth Form on the School Council, attend and speak at open evenings and take on leadership roles in the Academy. They are involved in appointments to the committee teams and the teaching staff. They have a key role in the Sixth Form review. They manage and liaise with the Sixth Form committees.

Sixth Form Ambassadors

Sixth Form students have the opportunity to become an ambassador, working with staff to promote the Academy to the wider community and accompanying visitors. This role develops students’ confidence and communication skills.

Preparation for the Future

Academic preparation includes visits to universities and workshops on student finance, bursaries, how to apply to university and apprenticeships. Sixth Form students also benefit from guest speakers who talk about different careers to develop students’ life skills.

Kettering Science Academy also offers workshops such as cooking, first aid and driving safety.