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Global learning

Each week, We hold a 2-hour session for all our year 12 and year 13 students delivering life skills that will develop them for life outside of school and after post16. We want our students to leave us well-rounded, mature, decent members of society and teaching them the needed skills to do this is extremely important to us. We invite many different speakers from many different sectors to provide sessions, activities and advice to our students who benefit immensely from these. 

So far this academic year, We have welcomed..

Lincoln University 


Northumbria University 

Barclays Bank

De montfort University 

Northampton University 



RS Group (Degree Apprenticeships)

Apprenticeships services

30% Club 

The fire service

Rugby Football Union 

Dale Wilis on Linkedin and personal Branding 

We look Forward to welcoming later in the year.....

Schools Consent Project 

Hope UK

Newcastle University 


Boomsatsuma College University

A Qualified Chef (Nutrition, cooking on a Budget, ECT) 


If you have any particular skills that you think may be relevant to our Students then please get in touch, We look forward to hearing from you!