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Head Students

Each year, We hold an exciting opportunity for two students to become a 'Head' student.

Through speeches and promotion, they showcase their strengths, commitment and vision for the future. Students place their nominations and when tallied the two with the most votes become the head students for the year.

They make such a positive impact to the year with ideas, advice and changes for the future that it helps us to improve year-on-year, have a great relationship with our students and make them feel heard and valued. 

Here you can find a testimony from our current head students...Rebecca and Josh.

Rebecca Aksu  (Head Girl 21-22) 

"I study History, English and Religious Studies at KSA. 

 I can't think of a better place to do it. KSA has been a place that has changed with me, not against me. For the seven years I have studied here, I have achieved things I never thought I could, and I have learnt lessons and skills that I will never forget. I will take what I have learnt with me to King's College London, where I plan to study History and then go on to be a university professor. 

Being at KSA has helped me gain resilience and strength, through the dedication of the staff, the wide range of extra-curricular activities and the friends I have made here. My advice to anyone planning to come here is this: no matter what you have heard about this school, just know words can never fully describe what it's truly like to be a student here, so come and find out for yourself!" 


Joshua Darnell (Head Boy 21-22) 

I am studying Biology, Psychology, Sport science at KSA Sixth form because they have friendly teachers who go above and beyond and have a good working environment which has a nice homely feel. 

I aspire to be physiotherapist then go on to work privately in a sports environment, so I am going to University after sixth form and have had great support from KSA to achieve this and be successful. I loved the freedom the school has given me and the personal responsibility that has come with it, I felt supported in my education but also responsible for it which meant having to manage myself, my free time and my studies effectively. I believe this has helped me prepare for the future after KSA.  

I believe the vast school trips I have been on, optional and compulsory, have helped me gain so much experience and life skills. Educational trips like open days and careers fairs have helped guide me down the path I have chosen and eased the transition from sixth form to University. The extracurricular school trips like The Austria ski trip and the Belgium WW1 trip have opened my eyes to the world we live in and made me more confident in going out of my comfort zone.  

My advice to current and future students is if you work hard, you will get to where you want to be so focus on yourself, your education and your progress and the world’s your oyster.  

As head boy, I wish to help as many people as I can in the time I have left here and have a positive impact on the students of the future.