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Modern Foreign Languages

“ You live a new life for every language you speak.  If you know only one language you live only once.” Czech proverb


The MFL curriculum at KSA is predominantly focused on the teaching of key universals to embed key knowledge through the development of communication skills, self-efficacy and autonomy in using either French or German with confidence.  By the end of KS4, students will understand what it is to be a linguist and have a curiosity in discovering the world.  Students will have an understanding of the ways in which languages are interconnected and how languages evolve alongside how learning a language will develop and enhance their literacy skills in English.   Students will develop an extensive core of vocabulary and grammatical structures which will be learned and regularly practised and retrieved so that students are confident, independent, fluent and spontaneous communicators in a variety of contexts across all 4 language skills.

Competent knowledge and the development of the key skills such as self -efficacy in a foreign language also unlocks the technological, entrepreneurial and vocational strengths, which enhance the employability skills of our students through a strong focus on literacy and culture. Learning a language promotes aspiration and ambition by changing lives and opening doors that would otherwise be closed.   It prompts students to challenge what is “normal” and provides them with the ability to embrace the fact that the world is a rich and diverse place filled with different customs, perspectives, history, arts, literature and ways of communicating.

The Languages department has ambitious expectations for all students and the climate for learning encompasses the contributions from students of all abilities.   After studying a language at Kettering Science Academy all language learners will have developed the knowledge, skills and confidence to consider themselves as ‘global citizens’ who belong in a multicultural and mutually respectful world and are literate in French or German.

For more detailed information of the core content covered in this subject for each year group, please access the Knowledge Organisers here:

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) 
Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)



Year 7      
Les Monsieurs-Madames Year 7 Meinungen, Familie, Freunde und Ich
Chocattaque Freizeit
La nourriture  
Year 8  


Year 8

Famille et domicile Urlaub
Le sport et le cinema Essen, Einkaufen und Geld
La maison et ma ville   Nach der Schule
Year 9   Year 9  
Les Vacances Urlaub
Le futur et les emplois Essen, Einkaufen und Geld
La Technologie Nach der Schule
Year 10 Self, family and friends Year 10 & 11 School
Leisure Free time and sports
School life Family
World of work Healthy living
Holidays Holidays
    World of work
Year 11 Holidays Town and area; environment and good causes
Global issues    
Town and Region