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This section is designed to provide parents with up-to-date information about all aspects of school life.

We endeavour to communicate regularly and effectively with families so please visit the Parent Bulletin page for the most recent information for parents.

Co-Curriculum Activities (Tuesday-Thursday)

Please click here to see the range of Co-Curriculum activities on offer to our students.

Accessing Work Whilst Isolating

If your child is required to self-isolate due to current government guidance or legislation, but is well enough to work from home, they will still be able to participate in high quality remote education. We are committed to ensure no child will miss any further learning time. For all lessons, your child will access their work through Microsoft Teams. In most cases, they will access the classroom-based lesson remotely. They will be able to benefit from the teacher's input and complete the same work as their classmates that are still in school; they will receive the same feedback. Teams lessons can be accessed through students' Microsoft 365 account. Some teachers may instead choose to set high quality remote learning by using other sources of lessons, such as Oak National Academy. These will be high quality lessons, usually involving some direct input from a teacher from a different school. These materials will be explained and signposted form your child’s class page in Microsoft Teams.

If your child is unable to access the remote lessons through Teams, please contact the Raising Standards Leader for their year group:

Year 7-9: Ms Watson
Year 10-11: Mr Reid
Year 12-13: Miss Davies

They will be able to support with issues with logging in and finding the lessons, for example.

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers are used extensively across subjects to support students’ learning. These will be shared with our learners via Edulink, on teams or distributed in lessons. Your child will have access to these knowledge organisers as part of their learning in the classroom but will also be expected to access these at home and use them as part of their revision. Research suggests that equipping students with the skills to be able to learn, retain and recall knowledge is key to the examination success.

The newly reformed GCSEs and BTECs are more rigorous and increasingly challenging. The focus of these exams is the retrieval and application of knowledge to a range of different contexts. This puts increasing pressure on our students to know and retain even more information for longer. Typically, when students leave their revision until a few weeks or even days/hours before the examinations and tests, this presents a problem. Our short term memory has limited capacity and students find themselves unable to retain the information so they become stressed and often give up, convincing themselves they are no good at revising or that they “can’t do that subject”. The secret to success is to regularly revisit the knowledge to be learned (known as ‘spaced retrieval’). This helps transfer the knowledge from the short-term memory to the long term memory. This not only helps to make ‘learning stick’ but it also frees up our short-term memory for day to day learning and experiences. To this end, we frequently use Knowledge Organisers as part of our homework strategy. 

Our New Be Ready Platform

We are excited to let you know that we have just started using BeReady, a fantastic new platform designed to make sure all students are given the opportunity to fulfil their true potential. Click here to find out more.