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SEND & Inclusion

Being the best you can be.

Kettering Science Academy is an inclusive, mainstream secondary school and we value all learners irrespective of their ability and additional needs. We recognise that every student has different needs and from the personalised curriculum to the support from learning mentors. Our aim is create an environment where every student can succeed and make the most of their time at KSA.

Students with special educational needs and disabilities are well supported within the Academy with staff encouraging them become independent learners. Students' progress is monitored carefully. The inclusion department provides specialist tuition for students with additional educational needs through individual and small group programmes of study. It works in ways that are matched to the student’s particular needs providing, for example, literacy support and/or social, emotional and behaviour interventions. Partnership with students, their parents and other outside agencies ensures that students make good progress.

SEND students are supported within classrooms by our wonderful team of Teaching Assistants. The main aim of Teaching Assistant support in class is to equip students with the skills to become independent learners in the future. Teaching assistants play a key role in supporting the teacher to ensure that the pupils get the maximum benefit from the learning activities that the teacher plans and carries out for them.

The varied teams that make up the school are committed to providing the best possible care and support to all students, especially those students who are faced with difficulties and challenges that present barriers to their learning. These teams are keen to strengthen the partnerships between student, parents, Academy and other agencies to ensure that students receive the best possible support.

SEN/Additional Needs Team

Ms Claire Greaves Vice Principal 
Senior Leader with responsibility for SEND and Inclusion
Miss Kayleigh Incles SENCO
responsibility for management and co-ordination of SEND students
Mrs Claire Siddall

Teacher of Literacy and SEND
Specialist Learning Teacher and Access Arrangements Assessor

The SEN Area

Com 0.15 (‘the Green Room’). This centre is the main base for literacy interventions at Key Stage 3 and functional skills, English, mathematics and The Princes Trust at Key Stage 4. This is the main base for Teaching Assistants and the SENCO. This is a safe place for SEND students.

The Hub. A small room facilitated by the SEND team to support students academically, socially and behaviourally. The SENCO and Assistant SENCO are responsible for overseeing this. Referrals are made through multi-disciplinary intervention meetings that occur fortnightly.


Mrs Laurie Chapman is our Safeguarding Officer and her role is an academy wide role. Mrs Chapman has responsibility for all safeguarding matters. Further information on Safeguarding can be found here.



  •  Every child should be able to access a good quality education tailored to their needs, with access to quality first teaching, an accessible curriculum and an inclusive environment. 
  • Every child deserves to succeed at school.
  • Every child, whatever their needs or disadvantages, should be educated to the highest standard, enjoy their time in school, feel safe, achieve their full potential and begin to be shaped into adults who will contribute to society and lead full and independent lives. 
  • At Kettering Science Academy 'every teacher is a teacher of SEND'.
  • At KSA our motto is to ‘be the best you can be’. Our SEND students are supported to fulfil their potential and encouraged to strive for success.

Knowledge Strength Ambition for SEN

Policies and SEN Information Report

Our SEN information report (Clause 65) can be found here.

Our Special Education Needs Policy can be found on the Brooke Weston Trust Policies page here.

Northamptonshire County Council’s Local Offer can be found here.

Our Accessibility Plan can be found here.

Our Annex to Kettering Science Academy’s SEND Information Report: COVID-19, school closures and SEND provision can be found here.