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During the academic year, we seek to ensure that pupils in Year 6 are prepared appropriately for their move to Secondary Education.

  • We arrange several visits to the children's new secondary schools, during which the pupils participate in a variety of activities
  • Staff from secondary schools visit pupils here and hold discussions with them
  • Primary and Secondary staff hold a series of meetings to discuss pupils' specific needs and to identify children who may require additional pastoral support in the early stages of secondary education
  • Pupils who transfer from KSA Primary to Secondary have an additional dimension in that there is an established team of teachers and support staff who are able to liaise throughout the year with their Secondary Phase colleagues; consequently, the pupils will be familiar with the secondary facilities and will be known personally in advance of the transfer to Year 7.

Transition within the Primary Phase

Pupils also need support when they change Year Groups or Key Stage: Again, the staff hold a series of formal and 'ad hoc' meetings to ensure that the next class teacher is fully aware of every child's needs.